Express Service

The most popular delivery service we have, EXPRESS will get it there today!

Point To Point

If faster than Express is needed (yeah right), we have our POINT TO POINT delivery service. No guessing when it will be there because we will take your parcel straight to its destination without any interuptions!

Popular Items....

PR Couriers is a little different...

-   Documents & Parcels

-   More Bulkier Items such as :

     -   TV's

     -   Washing Machines / Dryers

     -   Mattresses / Beds

     -   Lounge Suites (household furniture)


Our New Drivers...

Coming soon....


PR Couriers is a little different...

-   Weekdays 9am to 5.30pm


-   Weekends

-   Public Hoidays


​Sometimes you need to send parcels a little further than the metro area. Pocket Rocket Couriers goes the extra distance to make this possible!


Coming soon....

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